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Veloce Class Rules

Veloce Class Rules

The Spirit of the Veloce Class

To provide a competitive class for Alfa Romeo cars up to 3200 cc which allows modifications to the engine, brakes and suspension with exterior bodywork and interior remaining standard.

General specification

All cars must comply with MSNZ Schedule A, and the specifications below. For class identification each car must have a Veloce class series banner decal.


A safety structure that complies with the requirements of Schedule A for the type of vehicle concerned must be fitted and, for all closed vehicles, a safety cage must be fitted. A replacement seat without backrest adjustment or a competition seat and 4, 5 or 6 point harness complying with Schedule A must be fitted for use by the driver. Novice drivers must display 3 stripes 25mm wide by 300mm long on the top R/H corner of the rear window; after participating in 4 series race meetings the stripes may be removed.

Bodywork and interior

Must remain standard with all interior and exterior trim fitted, appropriate for the model concerned, except that headlining and carpet and the rear seats may be removed. Aerodynamic modifications or additions are not permitted. The front passenger seat must meet the requirements of Schedule A. No front passenger seat is required if the vehicle was not originally fitted with a front passenger seat by the factory. Bumpers must be fitted except for 105 series cars. Fibreglass boot lid or bonnet permitted but must be of similar weight to original components.


Window glass must remain standard. Front door window operating mechanisms must be retained and must be operable.


Chassis must remain standard. Addition of stiffening material and components is permitted. Minor modification to inner guards permitted to provide clearance for carburettors and air filters. 


Must be Alfa Romeo and can only be changed from one variant to another within that car’s model code (with 901 and 902; and 905 and 907 series cars regarded as single model codes). Turbocharging and supercharging are not permitted unless it is a standard factory fitment for that model and remains unmodified. All other modifications are otherwise free.


Clutch/Pressure plate is free. Transmission must be Alfa Romeo and have the same number of ratios as standard with both standard gearshift mechanisms and driveline components. Limited slip/locking differentials are permitted.


Original materials, connections, style and location must be retained but may be modified, provided each still performs its original function. Springs, dampers, bush materials and top mounts are free. Additional components may be fitted as required providing in all cases the standard type of suspension and chassis mounting points are retained. Additional chassis mounting points may be used if required.


Alfa Romeo master cylinder must be used. Handbrake must operate if tandem master cylinder not fitted. Brake air ducting must not protrude beyond the bodywork. Proportioning valve may be fitted. Otherwise free.


Wheels must fit within the bodywork. Wheel width must not exceed 7 inches unless a greater width was fitted by the manufacturer for the model concerned and wheel diameter must fall within the manufacturer’s specs for the model concerned.


Tyres must be appropriate for the wheel size and comply with the standard for a Road Tyre or Treaded Tyre as defined in Schedule A. Tyres must not exceed 205mm for width, unless a greater width was fitted by the manufacturer for the model concerned. Aspect ratio is limited to 50% minimum, unless a lower aspect ratio was manufacturer fitted for the model concerned.

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