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Driver Trainer

Driver Training Opportunities

Driver training opportunities

Information on some opportunities provided by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club to get onto the track.

Driver training allows you to take your car around the track, with an experienced race driver alongside you. Sprint events give you an opportunity to extend your driving experience in a low risk, but still competitive situation.

August is the month for the BOP branch of AROC hosted Driver Experience track days at Taupo.

This event provides the opportunity for new racers to build skills and find out what its like over the Armco, with coaching available from experienced drivers. This event is great for first time drivers, even those just wanting to run a road car on track to 'see what it's like'. See our Events page for contact info & details of this event.

“May Madness” is held at Manfield circuit in April/May each year - run by AROC Manawatu
and also includes driver training. Single car and dual car sprints are also held, allowing new drivers to have a taste of competitive life on the track. And for those with race licenses the event provides 3 or 4 races mixed into the day's program. 

Both of these events are highly recommended to beginning drivers. 


Driver training sessions at these meetings are suitable for either someone who wants to sample the excitement of the track in a controlled environment, or to the prospective racer who wants an introduction into the sport, without having to over-commit him or herself.

Single and dual car sprints may be held during the day, offering a true sample of on-track competition. A sprint is typically a 3 lap run, at full speed, on the track either on your own or starting alongside one other car.

Races may be held at these events, which may either be a grid start where the cars are arranged on the grid, fastest to the front, and all start together. Or a handicap start where the slowest car starts first and the following cars are given delayed starts to give equal opportunity to all drivers to win.


Social events are held in the evening after the racing, and are not to be missed!! Good food, great company and an opportunity to re-live the experiences of the day, make these events an integral part of the Alfa racing experience.

Entry forms & information on the May Madness & other AROC events are circulated prior to these events in the Alfa Romeo Owners Club newsletter. 

Safety Gear

As a minimum, for driver training and sprint events, you will need;

  • Safety Helmet (must be of an approved standard)

  • Cotton overalls (100% cotton overalls for training/sprints, but a minimum of 2 layer race suit needed for races)

  • Fire extinguisher fitted to the car. (Secured by 2 metal straps, in a metal bracket, held by two 6mm bolts with large washers fitted)

Your car must be in good mechanical order, particularly with respect to the brakes, tyres and suspension. Ensure oil, brake fluid and coolant are all topped up before you start!


Club membership and Competition Licence

Membership of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club is required for club events. This is readily arranged. The Alfa Romeo Owners Club has membership information available on the internet at;

Competition licence is not needed for driver training and non-competitive track day, events.

A competition licence is needed to enter dual sprints, multi car sprints or race events.

Apply for your competition licence through the Motorsport NZ on-line system,

The dual and multi car sprints require an “M” grade formerly known as a clubsport licence, which also entitles you to compete in a wide variety of motorsport events, from autocross and hillclimbs, right through to rallysprints.

The races require a “C” grade formerly known as a National Race competition licence, which requires that a short written and oral examination, mainly on safety matters, must be passed first.


Worried about the exam? Well don’t be. Most of the test is open book, and the written questions are available on the Motorsport NZ website.

If you want to give the track a try, ask one of the Trofeo Series committee, or any of the Trofeo Series competitors. We will be happy to help, or if we can’t, we’ll direct you to someone who can.

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