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Race Cars For Sale

This page contains race cars that are for sale and that are described by their current owners as potentially able to be entered in the Trofeo Series of New Zealand.

The Trofeo Series and its committee take no responsibility for the accuracy of any vehicle descriptions listed on this page. Advertising on this page does not imply endorsement by the Committee. We highly recommend due diligence by all prospective buyers.

We also recommend contacting the committee should you have any questions regarding a car's suitability for competing in the Trofeo Series.

Cars Currently For Sale

Lada 1500 / Fiat 124 Sedan Race car - Expressions of Interest.

The car is well known to the Fiat community – at least in the Waikato / Trofeo circles. It was originally built as a fast track car with a 1598 fuel injected motor which was subsequently swapped for a 2.1L twin cam (still with fuel injection) - at that point, it did a handful of track days and not much else.

In my first ownership round in this car, we turned it into a tarmac rally car which involved a large box of receipts for all the work to get it on the road (Maurice Thompson in Te Awamutu), and to WOF standard. It was competitive in its class with a number of class wins back in 2015. At that point, it was sold into the Hawkes Bay and I think left the shed maybe once.

Until round two of my ownership. This time acquired without engine / drivetrain, seats belts etc. That was back in 2020.

Since them i’ve rebuilt the car:

  • 2l twin cam , twin 40 solex’s with electronic ignition (bottom mount distributor). Engine was from a donor 124CC coupe that was a track car

  • Cooling system from a e30 BMW

  • Hydraulic clutch and handbrake

  • New brake setup (fiat croma with vented disks), new pads and overhauled calipers

  • 5speed 131 gearbox

  • Winged sump

  • Full rally sump guard

  • 4.1 diff with ‘quaife’ style LSD

  • brake bias adjustor

  • Bilsteins all round

  • Full rewire including electric fuel pump

  • Full exhaust system including Lancia bigger port manifold (not fitted) with larger front pipe (also not yet fitted)

  • OMP FIA winged drivers seat with M&H FIA passenger seat (not winged)

  • 2021 HANS 6-point belts (5+5 life)

  • Terratrip trip meter with foot reset and co-drivers footrest

  • Rally safe wiring

  • Overhead wiring for intercom

  • 6x brand new Dunlop Dz03G tyres (less than 10 laps on x4 of them and the others have never been on the car)

Spares include

  • Top mount dissy conversion gear - Rocker covers, cams and distributor

  • 6x spare Lancia lightweight 14” rims – 2 powder coated black, the other 4 are silver with old 03G tyres

  • Spare axle

  • Spare 4.4 diff (dont know the condition of the crown wheel / pinion)

  • Many other fiat bits and pieces including alternator, clutch, starter

  • fiberglass boot lid, and fiberglass front skirts

  • 2x fiat 125 doors with glass that I was going to fit (roll up windows).

Basically the buyer can have all my fiat spares that would fit the car. Too many to list here.

Car has a Low Volume (but that was for the 2.1 fuel injected engine with the 15” wheels) so this might need updating depending on the use for the car.

It doesn’t have a current WOF but it is REG on hold.

Was built to run the Trofeo series and we’ve competed in the first 2 rounds at Hampton Downs – somewhat unsuccessfully.

Engine / mechanicals are sound

– its had clutch problems on the last 2 outings at Hampton Downs which we attribute to dud seals (we subsequently machined a collar which seemed to work) but then it blew an internal seal (we think it was faulty from new as we replaced the slave)

  • Distributor isn't advancing as we’d like as we get up in the revs – we think it needs an overhaul to ensure it advances correctly

Body – it has had an ‘amateur” wrap job of arctic wrap which looks good from a distance 

  • There are a few spots of surface rust and chipped paint under the wrap but there are no signs of any structural or serious rust

Electrical - good

Cooling – good

Suspension – it would need softening for rally – its well setup for track at this point although it could do with some new anti roll bar outer bushes

Steering – 45 year old fiat but it does have a removable steering wheel !

So you might ask why i’m selling her – well, i’ve got to the point where I can only run one of my 4 race cars at a time. The kids are starting to race and they are in a FWD Suzuki, my Merc targa car is there for tarmac rally events (and to beat Mike Lowe) and i’m currently enjoying Porsche Boxster track racing. So its time for someone else to take it from the 90-95% that it is now to a 100%

I’ve not set a price at this stage because I want it to go to a fiat / race guy who can give it the love and attention it needs from here – I’d love to see it continue at Trofeo / HRC and be a competitive 2l package.

Hence expressions of interest.

You will all know what it costs to build a race car so please, no silly comments......Happy to discuss any specifics – IM or call me....


Mark McCaughan             Mob. 021605149

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