May 12
Social & Racing Weekend with the AROC crew at Manfeild
Social & Racing Weekend with the AROC crew at Manfeild

Series Entry Form

Trofeo entry form for the 2017-2018 season

The new season Entry form is below the photos - click on the paperclip to open up the form.

The entry forms can be opened in Adobe Reader, completed and then saved to the desktop of each individuals computer.

Then attach it to an email addressed to The link on the entry form should open a blank email, if not please attach it to a new email. Alternatively you can print it out, fill it in and post back. If you are a returning Fiat driver, and your car specification has not changed please confirm this in your email. New non-Alfa entrants, or those whose car specification has changed since their last accepted Series entry should provide full information as requested in the form.

New Question on the Entry form this year - What's your Shirt Size?

Please tell us what your shirt size is - this may be used for prize, sponsorship/apparel purposes - we've found that one size does NOT fit all! Thank you.

The entry fee of $100.00 may be made by Direct Credit,  or you may deposit your payment at any branch of TSB Bank (Sorry, no Cheque payments accepted)