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Up close with driver Darron Curphy

We ask Darron the big questions on Trofeo Racing.

Darron receiving the Flemings Painting - Resene Prize Bag from Secretary Richard Warfield

Car: 2005 Alfa Romeo GT (Blue #179) & 1979 Fiat 131R (Orange #37)

Trofeo Class: GT Junior (previously Corsa & Veloce)

Years racing & what cars have you raced over the years?

About 5 years ago I wrote down a plan to race a car and get at least a podium finish – but needed new bushes/bearings in my artificial knee first! With that sorted and after some driver-training days I bought an Alfa 33 in 2014. Before Xmas I was thinking of more horsepower and Max VM inspired me to consider Fiats, so along came the 131R for Xmas. It’s an awesome beast – hard work to drive but no better feeling than when it’s in the groove. In search of reliability I went more modern and built up the Alfa GT this season.

When was your first season in Trofeo? 2015

Why Trofeo? I’ve always liked Alfa Romeo and drove 159 for a while (daily drive over the Kaimais saw tires have a short life). When I looked at different series and cars available it was BMW E30 or Trofeo. Got great feedback about good people in Trofeo series and the choice was made.

Scratch or Handicap? All racing is good racing if someone else is within a second or two per lap.

Best Race advice ever received? Don’t let people through just because they’re faster – keep driving hard and make them earn it.

Most memorable Trofeo moment? My first race win and completing my plan put a smile on my face. Now every race is great and you learn something wherever you finish.

Best Trofeo result? I’ve had a few race wins but the real joy is beating my own lap-times and passing someone I’ve never got past before.

Aim for this Trofeo Season? Aiming for the GT Junior series and developed the GT with that in mind.

Expectation for this Trofeo Season? I expect to have fun at every round with a great bunch of people. Really diverse bunch with many different pathways to racing and different buzz-factors.

Darron Curphy Alfa GT in battle at the front of the Trofeo pack Taupo 2018


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