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Tina Glennie

Winner of the Jack Brabham Trophy

Car: Alfa Romeo of course! 1981 Alfa Sprint (#7) the one with the OTT Alfa graphics.

Trofeo Class: Veloce

Years Racing and what cars raced in that time?

17 years in total, racing…a year of my crazy youth doing hill climbs in my Mazda RX3 (No 5), with a highly volatile 12A Stage 3 motor.

2 seasons doing the Intermarque Sprints at Manfield just prior to joining Trofeo. Initially raced my 1979 Alfetta GTV (No 77), but then Ray convinced me to co-drive his 1989 Sprint instead.

This was the first car we campaigned in Trofeo (No 65) but it was a very short interval until Ray bought another car for himself (No 66) and I inherited the Sprint as my own. Raced ever since in Trofeo without a break, and raced 5 seasons in my ‘new’ 1981 Sprint (No 7) formerly owned by another Trofeo stalwart – John Rhodes. A lovely little car.

(Tina 'retired' from racing in 2021, selling her baby (no.7). However she continues to be an active supporter of the series, and no-one would be surprised if she reappears on the occasional grid.)

First Season in Trofeo? 2003-2004

Why Trofeo?

Went and watched May Madnessand was hooked. Being members of AROC, we naturally gravitated to Trofeo. Have never looked back…a superb bunch of enthusiastic, fun people who race for the love rather than the money. Not that there’s any money anyway!

Race Nickname & the story behind it?

Don’t think I have one in Trofeo – although I may possibly have been called a few choice things over 14 years without knowing it?! My hill climb nickname though was “Tailspin”. They all knew I flew aeroplanes, and it was deemed an appropriate name the day I messed up the last turn and crossed the finish-line in a wave of gravel, at speed…tail first.

Scratch or Handicap?

Have to say I enjoy both. One you’re the hunter – the other the hunted. But perhaps scratch by a short head.

Best race advice ever received?

“Be Predictable, stay on the black stuff, and stay off the lid!”

Most memorable Trofeo moment?

The day Don Bradley invited me to drive his blue GTV (arguably the fastest race Alfa in the country at the time) at May Madness. As everyone knows – he and Bruce Stewart were great mates and rivals on the track, and it was his intention that I beat Bruce’s wife Bridget as the ‘fastest woman’. I did…but stalled it off the line and spent the whole time alternating between pure joy and pure terror – in case I bent it. What.A.Car...and ‘the boys’ were GREEN with envy.

Best Trofeo result?

Every meeting is true grass-roots racing. I drive 3+ hours to the track – change onto race wheels – race my heart out – change back to road wheels - and drive home. Nothing fancy – just a whole truckload of Trofeo fun!

Tina Glennie at the wheel of #7, 1981 Alfasud Sprint

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