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Women in Sport

Trofeo Series currently have 2 women racing in the Series

Tina Glennie has been racing for over 15 years, Wendy Metcalfe joined the Series (as a late comer to motorsport) 10 years ago. Tina who includes being a pilot and jet boat skipper among her talents, competed first in the TI class (and later in Trofeo class) in her AlfaSud Sprint, before buying the ex-John Rhodes Veloce Class AlfaSud Sprint with an uprated engine. Tina joined Race 4-D Cup, a competitive team set up by Bronwynne Leech to promote Awareness of Breast Cancer, as part of the crew.

Wendy took the plunge after years of watching others have a go at AROC (Alfa Romeo Owners' Club) Training, Sprint & Race Events and found to her surprise that her belief that 'I couldn't do that' was 100% wrong. A coaching comment was enough to flick the switch ... and 10 years later Wendy has now raced Endurance and Premier Series events in the Race 4-D Cup Peugeot and SsangYong Racing Ute ... but Trofeo racing is 'home'. Wendy competed in Trofeo Class for 9 seasons before purchase of a car she and Mark Rantin had previously owned in 1986 and had been developed into a GT Junior class car by Murray Johnston.

Engine failure has delayed competitive entry into the GT Junior class, which all things going to plan should be ready to race for Round 1 of the 2017/2018 season.

Recently, a blog by Pippa Mann highlighted the subject of 'Ladies' races - in Trofeo this idea is a bit foreign to us. Tina and Wendy race as equals in the Trofeo competition. No need for a 'Ladies Cup' we're happy to win all the prizes available, and have done so...

Which brings us to Women in Motorsport ...

Women in Motorsport is an FIA Initiative to encourage more women to get involved in motorsport... as drivers, co-drivers (rally), crew, and as volunteer administrators, officials and marshals.

In New Zealand we 'run' under a logo designed by Trofeo Driver Ant Gray which depicts helmet and a scarf of southern cross stars.

A Facebook page provides a place to find out what events women in the sport are involved in.

In 2016 HRC Events, one of the Trofeo Series Calendar Meeting Hosts, promoted a number of 'Introduction to Motorsport' track events, inviting Wendy to co-ordinate the coaching crew. The coaches include women who are involved in various local series who come along and give back by helping others experience the track at their own pace. It seems that like Wendy many women assume that they 'can't do it'. It is hugely satisfying to turn the 'can't do it' into 'actually I can' statements.



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