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Trofeo Series Profile (not your usual)

Trofeo Series Driv.... um... 'Star'? Profile

Name: Rocky

Car: Meeeeeeee #63

Trofeo Class: Trofeo

Age: 40

Years racing: I became a race car on 30 May 2002 (age 20)

First Season in Trofeo: 12th season (first race 1/12/2002)

Why the Trofeo Series?: I was born for it!

Race Nickname & the story behind it: Rocky formerly ‘the Silver Rocket’, my second owner

didn’t think having a car known as the Silver Rocket was appropriate for family viewing and had noticed my similarity to the film star ‘Rocky’. (I would have thought that my number plate

KO4369, as in ‘Knock Out’ would have made it obvious what my name is).

Scratch or Handicap: Probably scratch because I like to mix it with cars with bigger HP. But

handicap also appeals because the spectators have less time to wait for me to start racing.

Best race advice ever received: ‘Go Rocky’ from my fans � the louder the better.

Most Memorable Trofeo Moment: Any which I don’t come back on the end of a tow rope, all

moments where I can photo bomb photos and videos of others - my owners usually don’t even notice - I just love TV opportunities. � Sometimes I keep appearing over and over again in other in-car videos just so that you can see me again and again.... and again. I also like collecting trophies... fortunately both of my owners have understood the importance of this activity.

Favourite things about the Trofeo Series: All the lovely slaves/fans who have worked to

satisfy my needs over the past 20 years. Some have since retired but I’ve been lucky to find

new friends and like to think of ways I can visit with them often. (I’m rather partial to farm


Least favourite things about the Trofeo Series: Other race cars (unless seen only in the rear

view mirror), but I have ways to keep myself in the limelight - and others in the shed. �

My ninja skill is to make my rear very wide!

Best Trofeo Result: Well they’ve all been pretty cool so I’ll just list my Series winning moments here. Credit to the ‘nuts’ behind the wheel though, if they weren’t there I wouldn’t be allowed out of pit lane.�

TI Class:

2003/2004 (Mark Fitzgibbon)

Trofeo Class (Alfa Sud Trofeo Series):

2004/2005 (Mark Fitzgibbon)

2009/2010 (Wendy Metcalfe)

2012/2013 (Wendy Metcalfe)

2014/2015 (Wendy Metcalfe)

2021/2022 (Wendy Metcalfe)

Trofeo Series Handicap Race

2010/2011 (Wendy Metcalfe)

2019/2020 (Wendy Metcalfe)

Trofeo Series Overall Points

2003/2004 (Mark Fitzgibbon)

2004/2005 (Mark Fitzgibbon)

2009/2010 (Wendy Metcalfe)

2021/2022 (Wendy Metcalfe)


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