May 12
Social & Racing Weekend with the AROC crew at Manfeild
Social & Racing Weekend with the AROC crew at Manfeild


Manfeild May Madness - AROC Manawatu12 May - 12 May, 18Social & Racing Weekend with the AROC crew at ManfeildMore »



The 2017/18 Trofeo Series calendar consists of 7 points rounds, at 4 different tracks - Pukekohe, Hampton Downs, Taupo and Manfeild. 

We also have a number of non-points & training options to extend your motor-sport season.


Competition Rounds: Hampton Downs (2), Pukekohe (1), Taupo Track International Track (3), Manfeild (1)
See 'Race' for details of these rounds

Non-competition Rounds: AROC BOP Driver Training Day Taupo Track 2 Intermediate (1), AROC Manawatu May Madness Manfeild (1), HRC Events (TBC) other race opportunities for cars that race within the Trofeo Series may be available. See 'Driver Training' and 'Race - Non Points Events' for details of these events

Driver Training Opportunities: 

12 August 2017: AROC BOP Driver Training Day Taupo (Track 2 - Intermediate). Coaching, Driver Experience & Pre-Season shakedown sessions. Information and links to the entry forms and supplementary regulations available on the AROC website Trofeo Drivers available to coach new drivers, please contact Wendy

Women in Motorsport:  Available at HRC Events (Above), or contact Wendy Metcalfe for information

13 August 2017: HRC Events Hampton Downs Club Circuit - includes MSNZ license examination & Authority Card issue if required. Enter at This event will include a Women in Motorsport group, with coaching available from women racers. 'Learn at your own Pace'