November 24 - 25

Project Car Blogs

A Go To Guide for our Project Car

From Trade Me to the Track Step by Step

Our blogs discuss each of the steps in our progress to preparing the 156 ready to join the grid

We'll be adding to them as we collect information and get closer to the Track debut

If you want help to shadow your own build alongside our project, let us know... we'd love to help, and will introduce you to the great people helping our build

19/9/17: Updates on both Projects as the Season is about to start

Work has been progressing on both of the projects.

The Fiat Punto required a cylinder head rebuild, and also had its air conditioning removed. Its now up and running.

The Alfa 156 - a shopping trip has ticked off the Race Seat & fittings, and harness. Tyres, brakes & fire extinguisher in progress.

Thanks to Te Awamutu Auto Shoppe and Racer Products for their time, advice and skills on the project cars.