Trofeo Coaching at AROC BOP Driver Experience Day - 11 August 2018

Driver Coaching - Trofeo Drivers coach AROC club members on track

Pre-Season AROC BoP Driver Experience Day - Taupo 11 August 2018

The annual Driver Experience Day was hosted by AROC Bay of Plenty Chapter on the 11 August 2018. Trofeo Drivers were available to coach those taking their first laps, and those wanting to build on their race craft. Held under sunny skies and warm conditions Trofeo, incoming and ex-Trofeo drivers used their track time to help others, and to test off-season and set up modifications for their own cars.

These club run events are becoming very rare in New Zealand Motorsport which is a real pity as they provide an excellent entry portal for the enthusiast to find out about taking the next step to joining a race series.