May 12
Social & Racing Weekend with the AROC crew at Manfeild
Social & Racing Weekend with the AROC crew at Manfeild

Welcome to the Trofeo Series website - New Racers Invited

Welcome to the Official Trofeo Series Page - the only Italian Marque Race Series in New Zealand

The Series is 27 Years young and promotes racing of Italian marque cars in a dedicated Race Grid. This is a Drivers' run series which means that the way in which the Series is run, is determined by those racing! Rules evolve by democratic process to meet the Series Aim of providing friendly, competitive and relatively affordable motor racing. Information on this site is designed to help you join like-minded people on the track, whether you have raced elsewhere before OR want to explore your motor-racing passion for the first time. 

Our committee and our drivers will all want to help you select, prepare and enjoy your racing with us. Check out our Getting Started areas, and our committee contacts.